Overcoming Mental Challenges Your First Year Of Retirement

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Mental Disabilities / January 18, 2022

Over the last 2 years we have posted close to 100 puzzles, teasers, riddles, and every kind of form of mental exercise (including lengthy interviews with top neuroscientists!).Which ones have proven most stimulating (of the puzzles and teasers, not the interviews)? Well, we could answer that question in a variety of ways, but I’d suggest this metric: by averaging two ranks for each of the brain teasers: the rank for the number of comments left, and the rank for total traffic received. Without further ado…here you have:

1. Can you count?: Basketball attention experiment (Interactive).

2. Which way is the bus heading?.

4. Please Spot the Differences.

5. Do you think you know the colors?: Quick, try the Stroop Test.

6. Clinically proven Stress Management tip.

7. Riddle for the Whole Brain: The Blind Beggar.

9. Brain Teasers for the Weekend: a few challenges to exercise your attention and working memory.

10. Consider Linda‘s job prospects: riddle, or obvious?.

11. Count the Fs in this sentence.

12. Please find the missing number here.

13. How many… exercise your Frontal and Parietal lobes.

14. Mental Imagery and Spatial Rotation challenge.

15. Enjoy this Sunday Afternoon Quiz.

As a bonus, you can also try and write some Brainy Haikus. To inspire you, below you have a few haikus written by our readers (given that novelty, variety and challenge are important for our brains, writing haikus equals -for most of us who are not haiku specialists- another form of brain teasers to exercise our brains).

– Amit:

Love, college, career.
A new world of transitions.
Will I survive? Yes.

– Kathy:

My release technique,
Forgive, forget, love all,
Meditate on that!

– Alan:

Through the microscope,
slice of brain stains pink and blue,
the wonder of thought.

– Justin:

Justin the genius

Source: sharpbrains.com