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Mental Disabilities / October 24, 2022

The information you provided was not sufficient to narrow down the possibilities. You may want to try the Symptom Checker again, or you may find it helpful to browse our disorder guides or consult the Parents Guide to Developmental Milestones for younger children (ages 0-5).

Note that the information provided by this tool is purely educational and is not intended to replace the advice, diagnosis, or treatment offered by a medical or mental health professional. If you believe your child may have a psychiatric or learning disorder, please see a professional.

Your Results

Based on your responses to the questions in the Symptom Checker, here are some conditions you may want to learn more about. This page is designed to help you be informed and guide you towards next steps.

It is important to understand that these results are not a diagnosis. If information on a particular disorder appears in your results, it does not necessarily mean that your child meets the criteria for that disorder. It does mean that you reported symptoms associated with that disorder.

Remember, these results are purely educational and are not intended to replace the advice, diagnosis, or treatment offered by a medical or mental health professional.

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