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Mental Illness Research

Syndromes / May 25, 2017

We at One Mind Institute believe that effective, accessible approaches to remedy the symptoms of, and restore function for, persons with mental illness—and possibly preventions and cures—can be commonplace within our lifetime.

You can be an integral part of the quest to make cures happen.

Our mission at One Mind Institute is to pursue such cures with everything we have. The mission will be challenging, and will require commitment from people at all levels—patients, their families and friends, scientists, businesspeople and politicians. Together, our mission will proceed on 2 intertwined paths: enabling research and raising awareness.

How can you enable research toward cures? Today, neuroscience has reached a critical mass where an abundance of new tools and knowledge can unleash useful discoveries quickly. However, funding for this science is growing ever tighter with the sequestration of federal spending. To accelerate cures, we encourage citizens like you to advocate in 3 ways:

  1. Encourage the scientific community to share its data openly, and collaborate for swifter progress.
  2. Encourage the government to fund research to develop early diagnosis, prevention and early intervention, as these provide the most efficient, effective means to cure mental illness—before it fully manifests.

How can you raise awareness toward cures? You can help people understand these facts:

  1. Mental illnesses are brain diseases, rooted in biology, which can be addressed through medical treatment.
  2. These brain diseases are actually quite commonplace (1 in 4 people is afflicted in a diagnosable way) and the #1 cause of adult disability in the world.
  3. Although current modes and systems of treatment are often inadequate to heal patients fully, research and policy advocacy can make satisfactory care, routine recovery, and even cures, possible.