mental disturbance definition

Mental Disabilities / February 5, 2022

The result was that when, late in the night, he locked himself in his room his brain was full of odd fancies; he was on the high road to mental disturbance.And I also am feeling some unpleasant consequences of too much mental disturbance, " said Mr.When they coughed, they coughed like people accustomed to be forgotten on doorsteps and in draughty passages, waiting for answers to letters in faded ink, which gave the recipients of those manuscripts great mental disturbance and no satisfaction.It was evident that he was undergoing some process of mental disturbance, and knowing how his past moods had interpreted things seemingly foreign to himself, I thought I would enter into his mind as well as I could and go with himHer complexion partook of the pure monotony of tint which characterized her hair - it was of the same soft, warm, creamy fairness all over, without a tinge of color in the cheeks, except on occasions of unusual bodily exertion or sudden mental disturbance.And before his companion could reply he had managed to swing himself up and over the fence; March followed without much bodily effort, but with considerable mental disturbance.This has driven the entire nation into mental disturbance The nations which forget their forefathers never go ahead on the path of development.This substance may cause the following symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, irritation in digestive system, hearing loss, sweating, blurred vision, mental disturbance, stomach ulcer, bleeding, cerebral edema, and life-threatening heart and respiratory diseases.The Newport coroner recorded a verdict of suicide "during a period of mental disturbance.Her lawyer submitted a medical report in English which showed her mental disturbance, which makes her irresponsible of her acts.He wrote: "The jury stressed that this mental disturbance was not as important as the defence had argued.The English Infanticide Act, 1922 set out a connection between mothers who kill their newborns and mental disturbance attributed to giving birth.

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