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personality words that start with y


2. Putting your dog in a bag to sneak them around.

Every place is dog-friendly if you believe in your dreams and your dog doesn’t stick its head out of the bag you’re carrying him in.

3. Abbreviated walks

Their little legs move so much faster, and so many times for every one of our strides, that a 20-minute walk is quite the trek for them. I have one little dog who loves walking, and one who is like, “why are we doing this? It is stupid and the worst.” The latter prefers to be carried.

4. Barking

Dog barks can be quite menacing, but when little dogs bark, people usually just laugh. Smaller dogs are less scary in stature, so they have more to say. Wouldn’t you pipe up if you were often in danger of being stepped on?

5. The instant rage you experience when someone calls them “yappy” (#notallsmalldogs)

Oh, and has anyone ever tried to kick your dog? Special places in hell.

7. You can’t have just one.

Really, they’re such a convenient size, once you pop you just can’t stop. Love should be multiplied, not divided.

8. Bedtime burrowing

My dog is an expert nest builder. Waiting for your call, HGTV.

9. Big dog rules do not apply.

Jumping, barking, face-licking, lap-sitting, bed-sleeping, face-pawing, and more are all things that small dogs can get away with more easily. One of my dogs can jump upwards of three feet in the air when he’s excited to go on a walk. If an 80-pound dog did that, it would be terrifying.

10. Everyone wants to pet them.

But do they want everyone to pet them? No. Often children want to pet and cuddle small dogs because of their accessible size. But for some reason, many little dogs don’t trust children or their movements.

11. Everything is smaller.

Their food, their leashes, their harnesses, their treats, their beds. Everything is smaller and therefore costs less. I didn’t make the rules, I just benefit from them.

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