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Mental Illness vs personality Disorder

Illness / November 11, 2016

  • A mental illness is about extremity. A personality disorder, on the other hand, is sometimes a precursor to a mental illness. The traits that are characteristic for a certain personality disorder may develop at some point to their extreme; and if they do, a personality disorder becomes a mental illness. For example, people with schizopathic personality disorder may develop a mental illness called schizophrenia, if and when the traits of a schizopathic disorder such as social withdrawal and hallucinations get to the point when a person cannot control them. Personality disorders in general can be regarded as risk factors for mental disorders.
  • Personality disorders usually feature a number of patterns that are present in the course of the entire life of a person. Usually the signs and the symptoms of personality disorders can be spotted in early childhood. Mental illnesses, on the other hand, can manifest themselves at any point during the life of a person and are usually not diagnosed earlier than during one’s twenties.
  • A mental illness can be as heavy as a serious physical illness. A mental illness often has a biomedical cause and requires hospitalization or total control over a patient. A mental illness also requires treatment with medication. A personality disorder, on the other hand, cannot be compared to a physical illness. Personality disorders rarely have biomedical cause. A person suffering from a personality disorder leads a seemingly normal life and usually doesn’t need medications.