What are the types of mental disorders and how do they affect

Types of Disorders

Disorders / November 1, 2022

Types of Eating DisordersThough there are a number of different kinds of eating disorders, there are four common types and most people who have a dysfunctional relationship with eating and their bodies have a disorder that falls into one of the following categories: anorexia, binge eating, bulimia and other eating disorders.


Severely cutting calories by eating very, very little defines the disorder anorexia nervosa. The goal is always rapid weight loss or maintenance of a dangerously low weight and the repercussions can be deadly. Those who live with anorexia for a long period of time will:

  • Have a body weight that is unhealthy for their body type, height or activity level
  • Fear “getting fat” or being viewed as overweight
  • Still see themselves as fat even if they are underweight
  • Not have their menstrual cycle (e.g., no monthly period)
  • Be intensely focused on caloric intake, body shape and weight


Bulimia, or bulimia nervosa, is defined by eating large amounts of food, often in secret, and then purging. Purging may happen through vomiting, laxative use or extreme exercise. Those who are living with bulimia may:

  • Binge and purge cyclically
  • Eat compulsively when they binge and eat well beyond the point of comfort
  • Live in a cycle of bingeing followed by fasting
  • Diet constantly
  • Obsess over their body weight and how they look
  • Be of normal weight or overweight

Binge Eating

  • May be overweight or obese
  • Feel out of control when they binge
  • Attempt to diet frequently
  • Attempt to fast after bingeing
  • Often struggle with depression, anxiety and feelings of isolation

Other Eating Disorders

All other types of eating disorders fall into the last category. Every year, medical professionals identify new versions of eating disorders that have the goal of losing weight but often just result in serious malnutrition and health problems. Some include:

  • Restrictive diets used solely to lose weight (e.g., veganism, raw foods, etc.)
  • Late night binge eating
  • Diet pill or stimulant addiction with the purpose of speeding up metabolism in order to lose weight

Eating disorders of any kind cause extreme mental and physical health problems that can last a lifetime. If you are living with issues that you believe may be caused by an eating disorder, don’t wait to contact us at Futures and discuss how we can help you change the outlook for your life.

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