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Psychological / May 27, 2020

Welcome to the Cyberlab for Psychological Research!
A Guide to Research Methods & Topics in Psychology


This web site is designed for anyone interested in learning various aspects of research methods in psychology, particularly students of Frostburg State University and the University of MD system of schools. A special welcome to AP Psychology students!

On the left hand side of each page contains a list of links. Most of these links constitute tutorials on topics related to research in psychology. An explanation of each tutorial is listed below their link. The tutorials are listed in a logical order in relation to the other tutorials; however, they may be viewed alone as well.

The "Activities & Quizzes" link contains on-line activities that apply aspects of these tutorials. Professors may use these activities and quizzes to accompany classes - no extra work needed. The specifics of the activities will change in order that they may be re-used with each new class.