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Symptoms of Emotional Disorder

Disorders / December 30, 2021

A Biochemical Restoration and Mental Health Program Dedicated to Correcting the Biochemical Imbalances That Create “Emotional” Disorders

Recent discoveries about the workings of the brain have shed important new light on the role a wide variety of natural chemicals play in manufacturing normal thought patterns, feelings, self-awareness, and perceptions.

The human mind reflects the brain’s chemical balance, a requirement for normal mental processing and emotional health. Yet it remains common practice to use drugs to solve symptoms, without pursuing what went wrong –biochemically– to cause a “mental” disorder. Since the 1960s a new breed of medical scientist has challenged the traditional approach to treating mental disorders :

Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Linus Pauling has named their new work “orthomolecular” which he defines as “establishing the right molecules in the body/brain by varying the concentrations of substances normally present and required for optimum health.” This type of scientific testing and repair follows the “blueprint of life” and has resulted in many successful corrections of abnormal brain functioning and mental disorders.

Health Recovery Center’s Approach to Mental Health

Fixing The Malfunctioning Computer

Most treatment centers prescribe psychiatric drugs and therapy for mental health issues. While these methods treat the symptoms of mental health issues they do not address the underlying cause of the issues. Health Recovery Center has a different approach to treating mental health issues. We address problems at the physical and molecular level. We work to repair the root issue versus just treating the symptoms and masking the cause.

The focus of Health Recovery Center program is similar to the bio-medical/nutritional work described in “Seven Weeks to Sobriety” and “Depression Free, Naturally” by Joan Mathews-Larson, Ph.D. Under the direction of our medical physician and staff, Health Recovery Center offers the following:

  • Initial pre-screening
  • Medical examination
  • Appropriate lab tests to identify biochemical errors
  • Medical and nutritional consultation(s) addressing the specific repair needed
  • Ongoing monitoring to restoration

The Health Recovery Center treatment approach is compatible with any current psychiatric drug efforts a patient might be receiving. Our purpose is to identify actual physiologic imbalances so that with these new (cause-based) facts, a faster scientific solution can evolve. This type of scientific testing and repair following the “blueprint of life” has resulted in many successful corrections of abnormal brain functioning and mental disorders.

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