Is Rage a Mental Disorder?

mental condition definition

Mental Disabilities / January 31, 2017

He is an illustration of the period of culture in which the faculty of appreciation has obtained such a preponderance over that of production that the latter sinks into a kind of rank sterility, and the mental condition becomes analogous to that of a malarious bog.A medical man was also charged with the duty of reporting on the mental condition of the servant, which appeared at present to debar him from giving any evidence of the least importance.On the question of her mental condition, however, he made a very important statement.He never recovered the surprise the Rioters had given him, and remained in the same mental condition down to the last moment of his life.The fact that he had made no use of what he had stolen was put down partly to the effect of remorse, partly to his abnormal mental condition at the time of the crime.But Meg was quite as well acquainted with her master's mental state as many others of her sex with the mental condition of the nice young gentlemen towards whom their hearts are in a state of fluttering expectation.It was an unconscious development, but it was based upon physical and mental condition.He sums up his mental condition when asked a question by replying that he "don't know nothink.I learned, moreover, at intervals, and through broken and equivocal hints, another singular feature of his mental condition.Equally, if his heart had given entertainment to that prohibited guest, his silent fighting of his way through the mental condition of this period might have been a little meritorious.Miss Haldin told me he was reluctant; moreover, the mental condition of Mrs.Had his barkeepers been asked, they would have described his mental condition as a grouch.