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Mental Disabilities / November 16, 2018

When thinking about our health, many times we believe ailments are either physical or mental. However, a third realm of our well-being exists. Emotional health, while it may sound less important, deserves just as much attention as any broken bone or state of depression. Mental health and emotional health might seem very similar, when in fact they are not the same at all. A healthy state for all individuals is to find a balance between the intellectual and emotional side.

Some areas of mental and emotional health overlap. Processing and reasoning are two very important parts of our personality that also carry over into mental health. A strong sense of reasoning is required to make sure we aren’t losing control over our emotions or becoming unstable. Our decisions on how to react to various scenarios must also be processed very carefully to avoid anxiety or overreacting. If we lack a balance between processing and reasoning, we put our health in a very unstable state and may experience disorientation and issues functioning efficiently.

To help distinguish between mental and emotional health, it may help to define each. Mental health involves cognitive thinking and harnessing one’s attention to stay focused. This involves processing information, storing it in memory, and understanding this new information. Like stated above, mental health also includes properly exercising reason and processing any learned information. On the other hand, emotional health involves expressing one’s emotions appropriately for one’s age. Mental health requires managing emotional actions and gauging the appropriate reactions to situations. This prevents unnecessary and unhealthy stress, which if severe enough can lead to depression.

Mental and emotional health, while separate in their own ways, are both necessary and work together cohesively. As human beings with hundreds of thoughts and emotions running through us constantly, we make many choices based on feelings. Many of our feelings are created through cognitive reasoning and processing the situation at hand. These two separate, yet complimentary realms of health work together to ensure our overall health is up to par and we efficiently communicate and interact with others. For more information on how emotional and mental health are related, visit

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