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Complex mental health

Syndromes / October 11, 2022

MHCE Course AdThe Mental Health in Complex Emergencies (MHCE) course is a week-long training course for mental health professionals and program staff who wish to establish mental health or psychosocial programs in a humanitarian context within conflict and post-conflict areas.The course will aim to provide a practical orientation and training, including how to conduct rapid assessments, design and set up mental health services or psychosocial programs (exploring the differences between them), and undertake clinical work and therapeutic approaches in non-western contexts. It addresses the issues of cultural validity, programming for children, addressing severe mental disorders, gender-based violence, human rights, taking care of oneself and dealing with burnout. The course will also introduce potential field workers to essentials such as personal security, logistics, and practical aspects of humanitarian work in the field.

The MHCE training program targets health, and other professionals, wishing to gain a better understanding of what is entailed in addressing mental health and psychosocial issues in complex emergencies and humanitarian settings.

The technical standards of a humanitarian intervention have considerable importance in achieving short-term results, including maximizing survival rates. However, a clear understanding of the psychosocial context in which the intervention is being undertaken is essential if longer-term goals are to be properly set and achieved. Much of the psychosocial training currently being undertaken is based on remedial action to counter psychosocial dysfunction resulting from disaster. There is observational and anecdotal evidence that individuals and communities can show enhanced psychosocial functionality during and following some disasters. If dependency is to be avoided and a smooth, rapid return to independence from humanitarian assistance is to be encouraged, then the factors at work must be clearly understood.

Students are exposed to both the most recent academic thought on these matters as well as the experience of field practitioners. Students are also sensitized to the non-material aspects of humanitarian assistance and achieve an understanding of the importance of clearly planning assistance within its psychosocial context. This module emphasizes the well-being of the beneficiaries as considered in the recent 'IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings' developed by WHO, UN and local and international agencies working in the field of psychosocial assistance.

This course is a week-long elective course for the IDOHA and IDMHA modules of the MIHA.

Course Directors

Larry Hollingworth, CBE, is the Humanitarian Programs Director for the Center for International Humanitarian Cooperation (CIHC) and Visiting Professor of Humanitarian Studies at the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA) at Fordham University in New York. Over the past decade, Larry has served as Humanitarian Coordinator on CIHC-supported missions for the United Nations in Iraq, Lebanon, East Timor, Palestine, and Pakistan. After serving as a British Army officer for thirty years, Larry joined the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and held assignments in Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea. He was appointed UNHCR Chief of Operations in Sarajevo, during the siege of the city in the Balkan conflict. He is a frequent lecturer on relief and refugee topics in universities and is a commentator on humanitarian issues for the BBC. In his current role as Humanitarian Programs Director, which he has held for over 15 years, Larry directs humanitarian training courses for participants from or intending to enter the humanitarian aid world. He has directed 45 one-month courses and at least 50 one-week courses, of which there are over 2, 300 alumni.

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